Monday, July 2, 2007

We're here

As I feared, I've been having a little difficulty connecting to the net so far while in Israel. But my program at Hartman starts in half an hour, and they have good access here, but since I am using a terminal in the library I can't yet post photos.

Bu, we are here. We got here Tuesday afternoon Israel time. The new airport is amazing, huge, very up to date. Passport control is now all computerized so we did not even have to fill in a landing card anymore. Our luggage came quickly, we zipped through customs and less than half an hour and $50 later, we were at our hotel.

There is a tremendous amount of construction, many more cars and even a few minivans. People seem a bit politer than they used to be though drivers are still very aggressive. We rented a car for two days to go up north and while highway driving was fine, driving in Jerusalem is scary and I am happy not to have a car until my program finishes at the end of next week.

Our trip north was fun, hopefully more about that later as I am pressed for time at the moment. Last night we went to a little reception for visitors from the Conservative movement at the new United Synagogue center in Jerusalem. The building is impressive and they have almost 100 students starting in the Conservative Yeshiva summer session -- including a young man who was active in Hillel at American University when I was the rabbi there. A nice feeling to reconnect and know he is still involved.

Off to register for my program. More to come . . .

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Ellen said...

Thanks for the update,enjoy hearing about your travels.
Ellen and The Boys